Breast Awareness

I know my previous blog was about the craziness with the month of October but today I was reminded about how people put off their health. Most women seemed to have the mindset that we should take care of everyone else before we take care of ourselves. We sometimes forget that if we don’t take care of ourselves there will be no one there to take care of our family if something were to happen to us. So we need to make sure we go get our mammograms every year when we get to the age for check ups. We also need to make sure we listen to our bodies when they are telling us something is wrong! If you feel a lump please go get it checked do not wait a year later to see the doctor. If blood is coming out of your nipple get it looked at. Now that doesn’t mean go get checked when you feel pain in your breasts. That seems to happen for different reasons: hormones, medication, and trauma. I am mainly speaking of lumps and discharge. I just feel that if you see your doctor once a year like you are supposed to do and go get your mammogram, you have a better chance at being there for your family if they catch something sooner rather than later.

At work I just see so many women come in here that haven’t had a mammogram in years and then they for some reason decide to get one and we find cancer. I just would like for people to be more mindful about the ones you will leave behind or the pain you will put yourself through. It seriously takes less than 15 minutes to get one and then if you get a call back the other tests we will have to do does not take that long either. I feel like a few tests is worth your time when you have things to live for. 40ef71914e79ce6c99757befd4f919d4


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