Loving my job, but to tired to see straight

Working at an imaging center tends to have its perks. For starters we get weekends off, it is a 8-5 job, and holidays are time for family not work. I also have an amazing group of women I work with everyday! The one down side is…. working during the month of OCTOBER!! So maybe I need to explain why the month of October is so busy.  I do breast ultrasounds in a women’s center. Granted, I do other ultrasounds everyday not just on women but on children and men. Although with it being a women’s center we tend to see more breast ultrasounds everyday. Now, as for the month of October our hospital likes to celebrate, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with lower cost mammograms. What does that mean for my co-worker Sheree and I you ask? Well it means follow-ups and people getting a little scared that they might have cancer so they come in for screenings even if they have insurance. So needless to say we are very busy during this time of year.

Women imaging hard at work in October
Women imaging hard at work in October

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