Ultrasound Work

Omni nutrition

I am having a struggle right now with going back on this crazy diet. I did loose a lot of weight when I was on it, but it was the most difficult diet I’ve ever tried! When you are on this diet you have to watch what you eat and it can only be certain foods. For instance: when you start the diet after your first two days of loading you can only have 4 oz of  for lunch and dinner and 4 oz of veggies. Now I know some people are probably thinking that doesn’t sound so bad but it really is when you have a list you have to follow. It wouldn’t be so bad if I actually ate half of the stuff that is on the list. I believed I lost so much weight when I was on it because I didn’t really eat! I couldn’t have sugar or caffeine so I slept a lot. I was horrible to be anywhere near. My coworkers done it with me so we could all suffer together. I would say we encouraged each other but no we just tried to not eat each other. I actually believe our patient satisfaction went down a few points that month. Now that I think back on it maybe I shouldn’t go on that diet again. At least if I want to keep my friends and job.



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